Strategic alignment

Organizations, just like individuals, need to increase their self-knowledge in order to be able to adjust to change. The company’s leaders need to align the strategy of their organization with its culture and internal policies to establish new ways of behaving, which guarantee their organization’s future prosperity. To do this Douglas McEncroe Group offers two different but connected services:

Strategy Clarity and Communication

In our experience senior management teams of client companies are made up of very bright people who know their businesses very well and are competent in the design of business strategy. What they do not do so well is communicating that strategy to the whole company in a way that everyone can understand it. What we do, first, is to help them achieve clarity in the strategy and, second, communicate it effectively and broadly. This is our starting point for getting strategic alignment.[Read more]

Organizational Culture Transformation

Most senior executives underestimate the ability of an established organizational culture to ruin a business strategy; perhaps for this reason 66% of new plans never get implemented. What is clear is that strategic alignment will not be achieved without first identifying the current culture and then clarifying what elements need to be transformed. To do this we have developed a two-step approach.[Read more]

What I do



"Organisational change is only achieved through an integrated approach that includes the following elements.”

what i do strategic alignment coaching-follow up leadership programmes

Behind the three areas of Strategic Alignment, Leadership Programmes and Coaching/Follow-up, lie the five service lines: