Leadership Programmes

Over the last 20 years we have implemented more than 180 different projects, the cornerstone of which was an intensive Leadership Development Programme. To make change happen we still believe leadership is the key factor and the best way to develop it is through well-designed programmes supported by coaching.

In-Company Leadership Programmes

Different organizations need different things and the Douglas McEncroe Group prides itself on its flexibility with clients. Depending on the project our programmes last between two and five days.

Our long track record has allowed us to develop a solid methodology, which includes the following elements:

  • Joint-design of the programme with senior management.
  • 360º Feedback.
  • Personality tests.
  • Interactive group activities.
  • Exploration of different theories and concepts of leadership.
  • Exploration and identification of the organizational culture of the client company.
  • Identification of necessary changes to the company.
  • Clarification of key leadership actions for each participant.
  • Clarification of principal development needs of each participant.
  • Coaching sessions following the course.

We combine these elements differently according to the needs of each client. Year after year our clients ask us to continue our work developing their leaders, an indication of the effectiveness of our approach.

What I do



"Organisational change is only achieved through an integrated approach that includes the following elements.”

what i do strategic alignment coaching-follow up leadership programmes

Behind the three areas of Strategic Alignment, Leadership Programmes and Coaching/Follow-up, lie the five service lines: