Intact Team Coaching

I have had the great good fortune carrying out interventions with hundreds of teams, and time and time again I see that most of them suffer from very similar problems, basically:

  • Lack of a clear team purpose.
  • Unclear objectives.
  • Badly defined roles and functions.
  • Lack of clarity around a set of shared values.
  • Poorly defined expectations between team members.
  • Little self-knowledge.
  • Little knowledge about other team members.
  • Lack of knowledge on how to develop the team.

Based on these observations I have designed different workshops to really increase the level of self-knowledge, both at individual and team levels, and to resolve all the above-mentioned problems, helping the team advance.

Many organizations have entrusted their teams to us. We have worked with hundreds of teams, including some 30 senior management teams. We haven’t always achieved perfect harmony but we have always reached a better understanding between team members, getting teams to work better, leading to improved business results for the companies that hired us.

What I do



"Organisational change is only achieved through an integrated approach that includes the following elements.”

what i do strategic alignment coaching-follow up leadership programmes

Behind the three areas of Strategic Alignment, Leadership Programmes and Coaching/Follow-up, lie the five service lines: