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66% of business strategies never get implemented mainly because of a lack of real alignment between the strategy, internal policies, organizational culture and leadership. To improve business performance an integrated approach is needed.   In order to help my clients meet their business challenges, I have combined consultancy, training and coaching in novel ways that help organisations achieve better results.



Watch this brief video of my interview with Hellen Dalley from Sky News to find out about my ideas on what good leadership is and how you can develop it.



"Organisational change is only achieved through an integrated approach that includes the following elements.”

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The results

“Douglas is an intrinsic part of the Europcar history of the last twenty years and his presence is still felt. His mixture of intellectual intelligence, practicality and his great sense of humour has contributed to give our organization a clear vision with respect to leadership and the path to follow in order to make our company the undisputed leader of car rentals in Spain”.

Mariano Ballesteros
Director of Human Resources

“Doug was an excellent CEO Coach and did a superb job of managing a major cultural change project at RevTech Media. Highly recommended”.

Lachlan Harris
Founder and CEO of RevTech Media, FiftyUP Club & One Big Switch

“Doug McEncroe is a rare blend of talent. Unbelievable insight into leadership development and organizational transformation; senior team alignment; solid change management; and organizational development. In addition to his practitioner skills, I have come to value Doug’s insight, passion for his work, and prowess as an executive coach and facilitator. Highly recommend for executive and senior level work across multiple industries and cultures”.

Keith Caver
Former Director North American Customs Solutions CCL.
Presently, American Practice Leader, Tower Watson

“In Hewlett Packard, Douglas made an excellent contribution. His professionalism and his rigor contributed to the awakening of and advancing in the growth, development and personal satisfaction of all the managers who participated in the Leadership Development Project. Through a process of reflection and interior dialogue oriented towards action, he left his mark on all of them”.

Luis Carlos Collazos
Professor at ICADE, ex-Director of HR at Hewlett Packard and presently Director of HR at Hispasat

“I have known Douglas for nearly two decades. He was the first person in Spain to work with certain instruments and processes that are today very common, for example, 360º Feedback and Coaching. He has been and continues to be a reference point for me in the field of Leadership. I have had the good fortune to work with him on many projects, all of them fun but also very successful”.

Carlos Pelegrín Fernández López
Director of Talent
France Telecom Spain

“In DDI we always focus on improving the business results of our clients. Douglas has worked for us on important projects all over Europe from Geneva to Moscow. His depth of knowledge on leadership and his ability to link leadership development to effective execution of business strategy has been a key asset for us and has added great value to our clients. I highly recommend Douglas for senior executive and senior level work in any sector. Doug is a great partner and excellent faculty and coach”.

Martina Michel
European Head of Consulting Europe , DDI

“Douglas McEncroe has worked with various companies in which I have been Director of Human Resources, AT&T and Telefónica among them. His involvement has been important in Leadership Development projects of a very strategic nature and in projects that implanted 360º Feedback and coaching for senior executives, all achieving very good results which were positive for business. Managers who worked with Douglas highlighted his great professionalism, his commitment to the client and his technical mastery of his profession. Without any doubt I would hire Douglas’s services any time I had a project related to Leadership Development and Change Management, above all in organizations going through profound transformations”.

Plácido Fajardo
Former Human Resources Director
Telefónica and AT&T

“I had the opportunity of working with Douglas and his team at Cisco Systems when I was Director of Human Resources for the Mediterranean Region. His contribution was critical in Leadership Development projects and in Team Development with our Senior Management Team. His ability to combine a coherent methodology with an approach that is both pragmatic and practical for senior managers is very difficult to find in other Leadership Development consultants. I would not hesitate for a minute to use his services and his vast experience at any time I have a challenge related to the development of management capabilities, leadership or change management”.

Luis Massa
Director of Human Resources
AstraZeneca Spain (Formerly of Cisco Systems)

“Douglas McEncroe has worked for Vodafone Spain on various projects of enormous strategic importance for our company:

  1. Leadership Development Programmes for Heads and Managers;
  2. Executive Coach on the Management Development Programme One Way;
  3. Analysis of Senior Managers and Team profiles using Myers-Briggs.

IIn all of these Douglas has demonstrated great professionalism and thorough commitment and innovation and has added enormous value by the way he has contributed to the development of our senior directors and managers. His role was fundamental at a time when the first priority was development of our managers on a project in which more than 500 of our executives took part”.

Pedro Díaz Rodríguez-Valdés
Human Resouces Director
Vodafone Spain

The latest from my blog

The responsibility of Leading

4 August, 2019

John AdamsI am reading a biography of John Adams, a leading figure during the American war of Independence, one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the second president of the United States.

I must admit to being a fan of this period of American history, I find it quite extraordinary the quality of the founding fathers, their intelligence, their culture and their humanism. Just before the revolution broke out, Adams, despite his fervent patriotism, successfully defended a group of British soldiers who had fired on a mob killing several Americans in an event that became know as the Boston Massacre. His defence of these soldiers earned him the scorn, and even the enmity of his fellow patriots, but his commitment to the principle that all men are innocent until they are proven guilty led him to take on the defence. In today’s world of trial by social media in which people’s reputations are destroyed without a shred of evidence, one could well wish that there were more people who shared Adam’s commitment.

Reading his biography I am struck by the incredible level of his culture. For a man whose life was filled to the brim with a frenetic legal and political activity, he always found time to widen his knowledge, continuously studying the law and reading history, political treatises, philosophy and poetry, or indeed, conversing with people from whom he could learn. He also found time for his friends and to a wealth of correspondence, which I suspect helped clarify his own ideas and reflect on his experiences. When he went to the first Continental Congress he himself was impressed by the general level of the delegates from the thirteen colonies gathered to study and debate the dangerous step of declaring their independence from Great Britain. How lucky these colonies were to have this generation in their greatest hour of need.

The distractions that make us worse

I often think how poor we are today in comparison with regards to the depth of our knowledge. We seemed to be trapped in a sea of banality. The commercial television stations are an insult to our intelligence, the ABC and Sky bastions of tribalism while social media gives a platform to people who talk about complex issues with the depth of a five year old.

How easy it is to get addicted to all of this. We carelessly fall into having to catch up on the latest newspaper article or look at our Facebook page. We pick up our iPad or smart phones for the latest fix, but what value does all this give us? Reading history is hard work but we get an insight into how society and organisations work. Reading good literature requires time and concentration but it gives us understanding of what moves human beings and nurtures our compassion. Reading the results of hard work carried out by true experts in any field reminds us of the complexity of the issues facing us today and helps be open to listening to different sides of any argument.

What do we owe the people we lead?

I used to read the press on my iPad before going to sleep, making me nervous and sometimes angry. I have replaced it with books. I notice that I am calmer, more tolerant and am thinking more deeply. I have also become more sceptical about people who defend positions like a zealot and I refuse to be enlisted into the battalions of the right or the left. It’s a constant struggle but I think it is worth it.

Surely anyone who is leading people owe them their best selves. John Adams, and I believe many of his contemporaries, constantly worked on becoming better human beings. I doubt very much that they would have been seduced by today’s press or social media.

What can you do to become the person you can be? What can you bring of yourself to the people you lead?