Coaching and Follow-up

Organizations are made up of individuals. Companies change only when individuals achieve personal transformations, focusing on different things and thinking and behaving in new ways. Achieving this requires work with the people individually, or in the case of a team, with the team intact. Effectively done, whole organizations can change. We have developed two services:

Individual Executive Coaching

To achieve real change, Leadership Programmes are essential, but they are not always sufficient; working with an individual is often necessary, to provide the necessary support to make the desired change happen. Douglas McEncroe Group has developed a flexible approach to coaching which over 20 years has produced excellent results.[Read more]

Intact Team Coaching

We have been convinced for a long time now that merely giving courses on teamwork is a waste of time; the only way to get tangible results is to work with real intact teams.[Read more]

What I do



"Organisational change is only achieved through an integrated approach that includes the following elements.”

what i do strategic alignment coaching-follow up leadership programmes

Behind the three areas of Strategic Alignment, Leadership Programmes and Coaching/Follow-up, lie the five service lines: