Tim O’Connor

Tim O'ConnorTim has been developing leaders in some of the world’s most successful companies for nearly thirty years.

After leaving school, Tim worked as a leader in the outdoors, teaching canoeing, sailing and mountaineering. After qualifying as a teacher at Durham University, Tim was elected as president of the Students’ Union. He then moved to Brathay Hall Trust where he spent four years running leadership programmes for companies such as HSBC, BT, WH Smith and ICI. At Brathay Tim also helped establish the Accredited Training Centre for Cumbria. There he spent a further three years leading a team delivering trainer-training before moving to the LT Network as Managing Director. LT Network ran leadership courses for organisations such as Nestlé, ICI and United Biscuits.

Tim established himself as an independent consultant in the 1980s. I first met him at Lancaster University in the late 1980s and immediately saw we believed in the same approach to leadership development and shared the same values. Together we founded Teic SL, which has evolved into the Douglas McEncroe Group. Over the last twenty years Tim and I have collaborated on programmes for a wide range of clients across Europe from Madrid to Moscow, sharing many experiences and a great friendship.

Based in the UK, Tim is Chairman of NTS Ltd, an organization he founded in 1990 to help people achieve their full potential as individuals, employees and leaders.

In 1995 Tim was awarded an Honorary Teaching Fellowship of Lancaster University Management School where he had acquired his MBA. Tim also lectures at Warwick and Leeds Universities. This direct ongoing involvement with prestigious management schools keeps him working at the cutting edge of current leadership thinking.

As well as working throughout the UK, Tim has directed programmes in Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, The Czech Republic, Georgia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Recently, he has been working with companies in India helping top management develop leadership skills. This work has been achieving dramatic results with significant changes in corporate culture delivering positive improvements in key performance measures.

Tim has authored many texts on subjects as diverse as Leadership, Recruitment, Managing Absenteeism, Creative Problem Solving, Budgeting, Mentoring and Coaching, Quality Management and Negotiation. He has also appeared as consultant in educational videos. Tim is qualified to use Myers-Briggs and LiFO profiling tools.

While researching for his MBA at Lancaster Tim focused on the impact of defined leadership development strategies on the success of businesses. Since then Tim has largely specialised in developing and delivering effective integrated leadership development programmes. Tim has been my business partner for twenty-two years and is today a Director of Douglas McEncroe Group. His wealth of experience and profound insights into organizational development add significant value to the team.

Tim O’Connor belongs to my team