What I Believe

I believe deeply in what I do and in the way I do it. In my 50s I don’t want to waste time carrying out interventions which won’t change anything, unfortunately too often the case with services bought by companies). I want to make a positive contribution to help my clients thrive.

Leadership is only a part of the story

There is no doubt that leadership is important and organizations do well investing in its development. However, it is only a part of the story. I believe that the organization that knows its strategy and its true purpose well, that is conscious of the nature of its culture and knows which elements to maintain and which aspects to change, works far better than the one which doesn’t.

Humanist Companies

I believe that the number-one function of leadership is to ensure that every employee knows and shares this vision, and leads the changes the organization needs to execute its strategy. I believe that this knowledge gives meaning to people’s work and creates a general well-being which produces good business results. This is humanism applied to business and is the essence of what I believe.

I invite you to join me in this mission: know your strategy concisely, communicate it well, ensure that everyone is conscious of those aspects of culture, internal policies and leadership which help achieve the purpose behind the strategy and reinforce it. Then you can create a humanist organization which will be successful.