How to avoid Politicking

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The recent change of leadership of the Labour Party in Australia ends three years of internal politicking. In that time, two elected Prime Ministers have been wrenched from power and much of the energy within the Labour Party was been diverted away from the primary task of governing the country and looking out for the interests of the Australian people.

Even in the rough and tumble world of politics this has been a very destructive dynamic. And yet one does expect politicians to politick. What is less acceptable is that this practice is allowed rage out of control, like some demonic bush fire, destroying much of the primary task of business, which is to produce top quality products and services, which add value to their clients, contributes to society and gives meaning to the work of the people who populate those companies.

Who is to blame?

The number one responsible for this dynamic is the CEO who at worst actively contributes to it or at least tolerates it. Like the allies in the 1930’s this appeasement of those who practice it will not make it go away but rather eventually help it flourish.

Actions that diminish the practice of politicking

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  • Communicate clearly that what is valued is quality work.
  • Communicate clearly that playing politics will not be tolerated.
  • Demote anyone who tries to take credit for others peoples work.
  • Praise or promote people who make concrete contributions.
  • Praise or promote managers who highlight the good achievements of others.
  • Expose alliances whose sole aim is to promote the interests of individuals.
  • Discourage the practice of copying everybody on emails to cover your arse.
  • Reward people who highlight a genuine problem that needs solving.
  • Encourage people to share best practices that help the company advance.

One of the most important functions of Senior Management is to make sure that 90% of all activity is truly connected to achieving their organizations goals. The rest is a waste of time.


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