Tomasz Walkowski

Tomasz started his career just after the political changes in Poland at the beginning of the 1990s. Immediately after studies at the University of Gdańsk where he completed Finance, he opened his own company, from experience learning how to run a business and how to trade with international partners in Asia. After two years he decided to gain more knowledge and broaden his business experience. In 1993 he joined Reynolds Tobacco, starting as Sales Representative in Gdynia and quickly being promoted through the sales ranks to the post of Regional Sales Director. In 1998, he became Training Manager for Sales in Poland. His great experience as trainer and coach had begun.

After a few years’ experience in this position Tomasz took opportunities to run Sales Departments in other companies, among them Pepsi-Cola and Nestlé Waters in Poland. With all his practical experience of motivating, leading and managing groups of hundreds of employees, Tomasz decided to take a step forward and became an independent trainer and consultant of leadership and management in 2003.

Since then he has been a trainer at a number of companies in Poland. He also trains in Austria and Ukraine. He has certification for Situational Leadership® from the Center for Leadership Studies of Dr. Hersey in the US; Master Trainer Institute, Coach of Plus Management.

With his experience of training employees from many companies Tomasz understands the need for leadership in day-to-day business. From his career working for international organizations and running his own business in the tough market of Poland in the 1990s, he has developed flexibility and intuition which make him a wonderful trainer and coach.

I first met Tomasz on the Electrolux project on which we have both worked for many years, developing leaders in this truly multinational company. Tomasz’s practical business experience, his understanding of the Central European reality and his great creativity makes him a very valued member of the Douglas McEncroe Group team.

Tomasz Walkowski belongs to my team